our toolbox

Absolute Change Management exists to solve the critical issues faced by our clients. We provide a broad range of services and solutions that help organizations facilitate change, achieve their vision and optimize performance and productivity.


FUNDING – Your organization may be eligible for government funding for a variety of projects that you may be planning to undertake. Our experience with government funding organizations has given us a comprehensive understanding of program objectives and the necessary components of an application to help maximize your chances of success. Contact us today to learn more.


DEVELOP THE OPTIMAL TEAM – Competency-based personal assessments are helping the world’s leading organizations improve retention, optimize talent, improve communication and increase leadership effectiveness. ACM’s Kolbe certified consultants and Herrmann licensed practitioners are trained to administer and interpret assessments for your existing team and potential hires.


IMPROVE TEAM DYNAMICS – An open and respectful communication culture in your organization is imperative for positive lasting change. ACM’s communications course is a game changer for team building and for improving team dynamics. Through fun interactive activities, ACM challenges teams to think about their own communication styles and preconceived notions, and teaches them to listen and communicate their ideas more effectively.


COMPLEX PROBLEM SOLVING – RCA is a systematic approach to problem solving that engages all stakeholders in its analysis. The process is thorough and eliminates emotional responses. This allows for a clear pathway to solutions that are broken down into multiple parts and ensures that the focus is not on one single contributing factor. When completed, RCAs results in a complete graphic representation of the problem.


TIME TO STANDARDIZE – 5s provides a clean and highly visual workplace that makes issues immediately obvious, increases productivity by reducing disruptions, and improves the flow of material and information.  5s is a simple 5-step approach that introduces your team to efficient, repeatable, and safe ways of working. Together, we make quick and extensive changes to your workplace that leave a lasting impact.


ELIMINATE KNOWLEDGE GAPS – ACM has developed a unique knowledge management system that makes important organizational knowledge accessible, transferable, and repeatable. An effective knowledge management system can help organizations prevent downtime and rework, while increasing their scalability and output.


IDENTIFY WASTE – Value stream mapping (VSM) is a lean-management method that helps establish a comprehensive view of a process. VSM helps analyze the process’ current state and design its improved future state.

Process simulations – ACM offers a variety of resources and programs that provide interactive real-time simulations of manufacturing environments.  One of the key benefits of “event-based” simulations is the ability to simulate changes to a process without the risk of setting up a real-life trial run. Changes could include adding a machine, adding or removing personnel, load-balancing a line, and changing processing times. Any of these changes can be easily simulated without the need to interrupt production.


REDUCE DOWNTIME – Our single minute exchange of die (SMED) program is designed to provide a team with the skills and knowledge necessary to approach the reduction of changeover times in a systematic manner. Long changeovers can result in a variety of issues, including: high stress “catch-up” production to compensate for downtime, perceived need for additional equipment, etc. In this course, team members will learn about the benefits of systematic changeover reduction and what a successful SMED program can do for your organization; what makes a good pilot project; and how to evaluate improvement ideas. Equipped with these tools, your team will select a changeover process and begin to implement SMED methodology.


INCREASE WORKPLACE SAFETY – ACM’s alert! Safety program helps companies establish a positive safety culture. The program teaches employees to effectively identify and avoid hazards and creates safety-dedicated teams that focus on sustainable practices that keep everyone injury-free.